Thanks for looking at the demo page. Click here to see examples of student work

Step 1 Download pdf files of Jazz workbooks Classical / Rock Demo

1. Open the pdf files with adobe acrobat player
2. Notice the Table of Contents for each curriculum
3. Each demo chapter has student(white) and teacher(colored) music analysis graphs known as Call Charts
4. At the end of each unit there are review puzzles (which can be used as take home tests)

Step 2 Check out music is available for teachers to sample/buy at iTunes The Radio Hour: Jazz
1. The Radio Hour saves you time and money. Each curriculum (except Classical) has a ready-made iMix.
2. There is no need to buy an entire CD for just one song. Each song only costs .99 cents on iTunes.
3. Download the songs as you need them. One era at a time or the entire curriculum. Just click and download
Step 3 Download Baroque Era Power Point Presentation here
1. Each era has a Flash presentation to give your students an introduction to their next unit.
2. Each presentation has been converted to Flash format to save space and remove software conflicts.
3. Just download and open the presentation.
4. Then click on the bottom center right to go forward or bottom center left to go back.
Step 4 Download timesketch player and then install on your computer.
Download Rock Around the Clock and I've Got Rhythm to your desktop

1. With Timesketch Player open. Click the Open Timesketch button.
2. Navigate the open file window to find Rock Around the Clock and I've Got Rhythm files.
3. Notice the Title Page and then click on the Index button on the bottom of the page.
4. First click on the introduction page link to see lesson plans for implementing Call Charts.
5. Click on the index button again to go back to the Index page.
6. Click on the Chart Pages link to bring up the song page, then click on the title of the song to open the Call Chart.
7. By Clicking play you will see a visual representation of the functions of each music event
 a. Blue - Introduction, Interludes, Coda
 b. Yellow - Theme
 c. Orange - Refrain
 d. Red - Improvisation

Step 5 Click here to try the online flashcards for Black Music in America (Units 9-12)
The purpose of the flashcards is for students to be able to study for listening exams.
1. After the flashcards set loads, make sure you have your screen maximized.
2 . Click on the flashcard to activate it.
3. Use the interactive buttons for the first are below the card.
4. You can flip the card for the answer, remove a question, randomize the flashcard order.
5. The play button is accessible from both sides of the flashcard to play sound clips.
Step 6 Sample an online interactive crossword puzzle

The purpose of the interactive crossword puzzles is to encourage additional studies outside the classroom.
These puzzles can be used in conjuction with unit reviews or as extra credit for students who need it.
1. Click on the first clue you want to answer.
2. The clue will highlight as well as the letter blocks on the puzzle.
3. Type in the answer on the puzzle.
4. The next clue and letter blocks will instantly be highlighted.
5. At anytime you can click the check button. Incorrect letters or words will show up in RED.

Step 7 Test your knowledge with an online flash quiz from the British Invasion Rock era.
This has been a real timesaver in my classes. All test questions and answers are randomized, so students can sit right next to each other and have different tests. If a student retakes a quiz it radomizes the test again and again!
1. The student clicks on the link at the end of each era page of the website
2. The Title page of the quiz comes up and you click on the "Begin" Button.
3. Once the quiz starts the student is being timed.
4. The student must complete 30 questions. I grade the quizzes as follows:
 25/30 in less than 300 seconds = A
 25/30 in less than 400 seconds = B
 25/30 in less than 500 seconds = C
 more than 500 seconds the student must take the quiz over
5. Upon completion of the quiz the result page will give the student the score and time of the test.
6. The student can then submit their results to their teacher by imputing their name and teacher's email address.
The results are then sent to the designated email site. How much easier can it get?

Points of interest

1. Four complete curriculums available - Classical, Rock, and Jazz, Evolution of Black Music in America(BMIA)
    All curriculum cover the same music standards just a different genre of music

2. Each curriculum comes with
   a. 100 - 130 page student workbook which teachers copy as needed.
   b. Teacher's Manual with all the answers and facts needed for the student workbook
   c. Teacher Appendix with complete lesson plans, Rubrics, Material lists, Assessment Protocols

3 .Suggested curriculum grades
  Classical - 4th -8th grade
  Rock - 6th-12th grade
  Jazz - 7th-12th grade
  Black Music in America - 8th -12th grade

4 . Music for each curriculum(except Classical)can be obtained through iTunes with my personalized song lists(iMixes) called The Radio Hour.
    No more hunting around for that obscure record that was never converted to CD

5. students use the web site for
a . Review of artist facts for puzzles
b . Review of call charts for listening tests
c . Unit specific vocabulary lists
d . Interactive online flash quiz that generates a different test order and answers each time
e. Interactive crossword puzzles for review and or extra credit

3. Teachers can use the web site for
a . As a resource for student research about musicians and timeline reference
b . Use as a visual example of composition and performance styles within styles or eras
c . As a member (purchase a curriculum) power point presentations, tests, and lesson plans are available for each unit

I know that this all seems to good to be true, but believe me this has been my life for the past 10 years.
I know this because I am on version 9 of my Jazz curriculum. Now I am working on my 5 th curriculum,
Fretting Over Music History (An overview of Music History through the Guitar)

I look forward to your feedback! Thanks again for the interest in my work!

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